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Modular Rain Covers


Almost no two camera rigs are the same, so finding a camera rain cover that provides top of the line protection can feel impossible.  Especially one that is quick to put on and take off and that doesn't get in the way or disrupt the shot.

But now, with Portabrace's Modular Rain Cover system, finding the best protection for your unique cinema camera rig is simple:

  1. Choose the section below, or click on the camera rig to the right, for the area you want to cover (body, lens, monitor / VF, or camera arm.

  2. Make your choice from the available modular options.

  3. Place your order.

Create Your Modular Cover


Choose Your Camera Body Cover

Choose Your Lens Cover(s)


Choose Monitor or VF Cover(s)


Choose Camera Arm Cover(s)


Need Help Creating Your Cover?

Give us a call, connect a chat, or send us an email at and we'll help you choose the best modules for your camera setup and planned usage.

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