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1. Are Portabrace cases really manufactured in Vermont?

Probably the most frequently asked question- yes, every Portabrace case is designed and constructed in Vermont (excluding the hard case Vault shells, which are produced by our partner in Italy, for which Portabrace manufacturers the high-performance interiors).  Despite recent trends to move soft goods production to lower-cost manufacturing regions around the globe, Portabrace is committed to controlling and performing our own design and production due to the wide range of custom-fit products in our range.  Control of our production also permits us to frequently upgrade, improve, and modify our products to keep pace with the rapid pace of innovation in equipment and integration in the professional recording industry.  As a result, we produce Portabrace cases "to order", enabling our production team to customize all our products to your exact requirements.  The Portabrace team is comprised of highly skilled, dedicated craftspeople, committed to your professional success, and the superior quality of Portabrace products.

2. When I received my new Portabrace case from the dealer, it came "unpackaged".  Why doesn't Portabrace use packaging for its new cases?

Portabrace cases are constructed with techinques and materials designed and selected to be virtually indestructible.  Both dirt and water resistant, in short, packaging is unnecessary.  Absence of packaging is of course environmentally responsible, as well as cost-efficient.

3. Can my Portabrace case be repaired?

Over time, zippers and velcro-type closures can eventually wear out (Portabrace does not actually produce either, though we buy the best available as measured by longevity and reliability in harsh and extreme field conditions).  We frequently hear from Portabrace case owners that their case or cover is in excellent condition, except for a "blown zipper" or failing hook&loop.  Portabrace is happy to repair these common issues for a nominal fee. Or, we will mail to you replacement zipper or hook&loop (assuming your Portabrace case has been registered on our site) for you to complete your repair locally.   

4. Can Portabrace designs be customized to suit my exact field production needs and specific equipment configuration?

Yes- for a variable customization charge, Portabrace can embroider, change color or material, size, pocket configuration, interior set-up, and other aspects of our products to best meet your requirements.  There is no minimum volume requirement to perform customization services.

5. When I search the Portabrace website for my exact equipment model, I don't find any matching cases or covers.  Can Portabrace make a suitable case or cover for my particular equipment?

We are happy to modify current designs and products for any equipment for which we do not currently offer a specific product design.  We may ask that your send us your equipment for review, or we may be able to obtain a demo unit depending on the circumstances.  It is also possible that we have "archived" a cover or case design if your equipment is no longer in current production by the manufacturer.  If so, no problem.  For a nominal "archive" retrieval fee, we can recover the original design patterns, and produce the exact number of cases or cover you require, normally in only a few weeks time.  

6. Where can I find Portabrace brand "seconds" or irregular products at a lower cost?

Unfortunately, there are no "seconds" or "irregulars" released from our Vermont production facilities.  All cases are produced to order, and inspected 100% for fit and long-life.  In the rare event a Portabrace case is not produced to exact standards the first time, all exceptions are resolved prior to passing Quality Control inspection.

7. I found some Portabrace products listed for unusually low prices on line.  Does Portabrace discount its products?

While Portabrace on occasion will offer special promotions through our authorized dealers on new items, generally we do not discount our products.  As the saying goes, if something looks to good to be true, it usually is.  Deeply discounted Portabrace products might be a return by the original buyer, may be a "non-current" comparable style or model, or in the worst case, an actual "counterfiet" of our designs and products.  Portabrace is aware of more than 1 outright producer of counterfeit Portabrace products in every region of the world.  We've discovered counterfeits which are virtual replicas of our pattern, down to interior labels and logos.  Online, or from a distance, they can be difficult to discern from genuine Portabrace products.  However, construction techniques and even more problematic, materials quality is noticeably inferior, either to the touch or over time with use.  To minimize risk of counterfeiting, we encourage all Portabrace fans to check for authentic Portabrace craftsperson signature inside every case, the original craftsperson "all-star" card included with each case, a genuine "Cordura" brand label on all applicable products, and most important, purchase Portabrace products only through one of our authorized dealers.  Authorized dealers can be found through the dealer locator function on this website.

8. I'm not sure which Portabrace product will fit my camera/lens/battery/mic/light configuration.  How can I determine which item is right for my set-up?  

Call us, or use the "live chat" option on this website.  We are always thrilled to discuss personally with you your challenges and requirements.  Alternatively, we are confident that representatives from our authorized dealers will prove qualified to assist you with most routine inquiries.

9. Why doesn't Portabrace use more or all "waterproof" zippers and seams?

Our research (and experience) leads us to conclude that the life of currently available waterproof zippers (without proper maintenance and care) is lower than traditional zippers under the type of harsh, heavy-duty use Portabrace cases endure.  Seam "tapes" and adhesives also tend to breakdown earlier than will our heavy duty nylon threads.  Therefore, we choose and design unique waterproof materials, and employ highly water-resistant design and construction techniques to ensure highest possible levels of water-resistancy, without compromising the longevity and durability of your Portabrace case.  However, we do employ waterproof zippers on one cover, the Storm Coat Extreme (STC-EX) for shoulder-mount cameras.  Upon your special request, we can customize most of our cases and covers to employ waterproof zippers as necessary.

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