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The Porta Brace SP-TOOLS is a tote bag used to carry tools and accessories of all kinds. It is as handy and simple to use as a shopping bag but with all the extra advantages of a well constructed case. The sack has two slip pockets, one on the front and one on the back. It is constructed of a double layer of 1000 denier Cordura, and foam-padded bottoms. There is a cinching cord around the top edge that provides a tight seal.

- 1000 denier Cordura accessory sack made to carry accessories

- Foam-padded bottom to protect contents


- One slip pocket in front

- One slip pocket in the rear

- Suede covered, dual carrying handles

  • Features

    • Customizable solution
    • Durable, 1000-denier Cordura
    • Engineered for professionals
    • Lightweight
    • Superior performance through simplicity of design
  • Dimensions

    • Interior: 14 x 6.0 x 14" (35.56 x 15.24 x 35.56cm) (LxWxH)

      Weight: 2.0 lbs

  • Package Includes

    1 x SP-1B Sack-Pack Style Carrying Bag
    1 x SP-2B Sack-Pack Style Carrying Bag
    1 x SP-3B Sack-Pack Style Carrying Bag

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