The Porta Brace Rain Slicker is designed to protect the Sony PXW-X320 camcorder from rain, dirt, and dust while in operation. Zippers, flaps, touch fasteners, and vinyl windows allow you to reach critical controls and view meters. The Rain Slicker is easy to put over the camera, microphone, windscreen, batteries, and pistol grip. A Rain Fly covers the entire top of the camera to seal the handle opening.


The slicker is constructed of waterproof Taslan nylon with a soft tricot interior layer that protects the camera. In addition to being waterproof, the Taslan material is breathable and allows heat from the camera to escape while the cover is deployed. The adjustable neoprene lens gasket creates a tight seal around the lens, while an included detachable visor adds extra protection against droplets reaching the glass.


  • The vinyl windows keep dirt and moisture out but allow quick visual checks on important meters, indicator lights, and switches.
  • The main body is made from waterproof Taslan nylon material and is protected by a soft layer of nylon tricot, adding significantly to the durability of the coating.
  • The battery end of the rain slicker has adjustable flaps which can be shortened to fit a slim battery, or lengthened to wrap around larger batteries. Wireless mics can also be accommodated.
  • Sealed hook-and-loop fastener openings afford plenty of access to hand controls and the power supply while keeping your equipment dry.
  • A Rain Fly covers the entire top of the camera to seal the handle opening.


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