The Compact HD Rain Slicker (RS) is custom fit to each Sony camera model. Velcro-sealed flaps, clear vinyl windows and zippered openings provide maximum protection and optimum ease of operation. Special triple-layer, tricot-finished, nylon is used around the body of the camera to repel water at the case surface. 

Cameras with fold-out video screens are shrouded with a black fabric hood that makes viewing LCD monitors easier on sunny days.

Be sure to check the Equipment Covered tab to select the Rain Slicker for your camera.


  •  2 clear vinyl windows

    3-ply Nylon, Fabuthane with soft tricot-backed protection

    Detachable front visor, triple zip bottom

    Quick Change Battery Back

    Rain-Fly for extra coverage

    Tight fit around lens hood

    Tripod Mountable

    Grip material around lens hood

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