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The RS-AMIRA-SB is the custom fit Rain Slicker for the Arri AMIRA camera plus the 2 add-on protective modules (RS-TB and RS-TS). The Rain Slicker body is made from waterproof Nylon Taslan material and complemented by a soft Tricot interior layer that protects the camera and reduces noise during operation. In addition to being waterproof (1000MM waterproof rating) the Taslan material is breathable (1000G/M² breathability rating), allowing heat from the camera to escape while the cover is deployed.

Clear Vinyl windows are used to provide unobstructed visibility of camera controls. Velcro-sealed openings are carefully placed to provide full access to controls and power supply without allowing water to seep in. The adjustable lens gasket creates a tight seal around a wide range of lens sizes, including cinema lenses and matte boxes.  The waterproof material that forms the cover around the lens also adjusts to accomodate different lens lengths.

Included Modules:

The top-mounted monitor / light cover, RS-TB, is designed to protect either a camera-mounted light or monitor while shooting in the rain.  The entire module is constucted using clear vinyl so that light or viewing the monitor is unobstructed for the camera operator. 

The tripod-mounting ""skirt"" module, RS-TS, protects the camera from splashing while mounted on a tripod.  The RS-TS is constructed of Nylon Taslan material, like the main body of the Rain Slicker.

  • Features

    • -Custom-fit rain and dust protection

      -Additional protective cover for camera-mounted monitor and light

      -Additional ""splash"" protection for tripod usage

      -Expands to accomodate multiple lens lengths

      -Fits standard lens, cinema, and matte box

  • Dimensions

    • Weight: 1.50 lb / 0.68 kg
  • Equipment Covered

    Arri Amira

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