The Porta Brace RS-55TX is designed for Studio configured cameras with TRIAX adapters (No recorders attached) such as; Hitachi Z-2010A, Ikegami HC-400, Sony BVP-E10 and similar dockable video cameras from rain, dirt and dust while in operation with a cable.


The Triax is a shorter version of the original Rain Slicker. The Triax includes a separate 2.0" Rain cape for the E.N.G. view finder. Most cameras require an appropriate studio view finder cover which works independently from the main cover. These are available as VF Rain Slickers.


 The Triax Rain Slicker uses zippers, flaps, touch fastener, and vinyl windows allow you to reach critical controls, view meters and read-outs. The Rain Slicker is easy to put over the camera, mic, windscreen, batteries and pistol grip. A Rain Fly covers the entire top of the camera to seal handle opening.


The Rain Slicker fabric is constructed of laminations of water repellent nylon, a waterproof film and a soft nylon interior protecting the camera. It is designed to work on a tripod as well as on your shoulder.


  • The vinyl windows keep dirt and moisture out but allow quick visual checks on important meters, indicator lights and switches.
  • The Main Body is a carefully crafted lamination of heavy weight, water proof fabric. The waterproof coating is protected by a soft layer of nylon tricot adding significantly to the durability of the coating.
  • The battery end of the Rain Slicker has adjustable flaps. The flaps can be shortened to fit a slim battery or lengthened to wrap around larger batteries. Wireless mics can also be accommodated.
  • Special pleated hand opening affords plenty of access to hand controls while keeping your equipment dry.
  • Rain Fly covers the entire top of the camera to seal handle opening.


Compatible with

  • Hitachi Z-2010A, Z-ONE, SK-2700P camcorders
  • Ikegami HC-400, HL-59, HL-99 camcorders
  • Sony BVP-E10, BVP-950, DXC-D50 camcorders


  • Accommodates    ENG/EFP Camera
    Type of Closure    Zipper
    Material    Nylon, Tricot

  • Package Weight    1.2 lb
    Box Dimensions (LxWxH)    12.6 x 9.65 x 9.25"

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