The Porta Brace RS-55 Rain Slicker is designed to protect JVC DY-700, DY-90U/E with optional microphone, Ikegami HL-59, HC-400 with Sony PVV-1, BVV-5, Panasonic WV-F700 with S-VHS, Sony BVV-5, PVV-1, Sony DXC-D35L, with PVV-1, BVV-5, D50, Sony DXC-537A, 327, 325, with PVV-1, BVV-5 or JVC KY-29 with BR-D40U, BR-S422, 411, 410, Beta, Philips/BTS PDK-537A with BCB-5, Beta and similar size cameras from rain, dirt and dust while in operation.


Zippers, flaps, Touch Fastener, and vinyl windows allow you to reach critical controls, view meters and read-outs. The Rain Slicker is easy to put over the camera, mic, windscreen, batteries and pistol grip. A Rain Fly covers the entire top of the camera to seal handle opening.


The Rain Slicker fabric is constructed of laminations of water repellent nylon, a waterproof film and a soft nylon interior protecting the camera. It is designed to work on a tripod as well as on your shoulder.


  • The vinyl windows keep dirt and moisture out but allow quick visual checks on important meters, indicator lights and switches.
  • The Main Body is a carefully crafted lamination of heavy weight, water proof fabric. The waterproof coating is protected by a soft layer of nylon tricot adding significantly to the durability of the coating.
  • The battery end of the Rain Slicker has adjustable flaps. The flaps can be shortened to fit a slim battery or lengthened to wrap around larger batteries. Wireless mics can also be accommodated.
  • Special pleated hand opening affords plenty of access to hand controls while keeping your equipment dry.
  • Rain Fly covers the entire top of the camera to seal handle opening


Compatible with

  • Ikegami HL-59 camcorder
  • Ikegami HC-400 camera with Sony PVV-1, BVV-5 JVC DY-700, DY-90U/E camcorder with optional microphone
  • JVC KY-29 camera with BR-D40U, BR-S422, 411, 410, Beta recorder
  • Panasonic WV-F700 camcorder with S-VHS, Sony BVV-5, PVV-1
  • Sony DXC-D35L camcorder with PVV-1, BVV-5, D50,
  • Sony DXC-537A, 327, 325 camcorders with PVV-1, BVV-5
  • Philips/BTS PDK-537A camera with BCB-5, Beta recorder


  • Accommodates    ENG/EFP Camera
    Type of Closure    Zipper
    Material    Nylon, Tricot

  • Package Weight    1.27 lb
    Box Dimensions (LxWxH)    13.3 x 12.3 x 4.7"

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