Made from waterproof nylon Taslan material, the Porta Brace RS-33VTH Rain Slicker protects your shoulder-mount camera from inclement weather conditions. An expandable back end extends that protection to batteries and onboard wireless transmission hardware.


The Taslan material is complemented by a layer of soft Tricot which cushions the camera and reduces outside noise. Although the case covers the camera, the Taslan material is breathable and prevents overheating from suffocation of the camera's vents.


Camera controls are completely visible through clear vinyl windows, while touch-fastened openings are placed strategically for full access to controls without compromising weather resistance. To prevent water seepage around the lens, an adjustable neoprene gasket creates a tight seal at the mount, while an included detachable visor adds extra protection from droplets that may otherwise attach to the front element.


  • Waterproof and breathable nylon Taslan material
  • Expanded back end accommodates wireless video transmitters
  • Large clear vinyl windows provide visibility of controls
  • Can be used shoulder-mountable or on tripod
  • Neoprene lens gasket grips tight to keep water out around lens


    • Protects Shoulder-Mount Cameras
    • Extra Space for Transmitters and Battery
    • Manufactured from Waterproof Taslan
    • Tricot Interior Reduces Outside Noise
    • Breathable Taslan Prevents Overheating
    • Visible Controls + Touch Fastener Access
    • Neoprene Gasket Seal at Lens Mount
    • Includes Detachable Lens Visor
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