If you want to shoot in rainy or dusty conditions with your JVC GY-HC900 Connected Camera, put on a Porta Brace Quick Rain Slick. Made from a water-resistant nylon and vinyl, your camcorder will be protected inside with the screen still readable and the viewfinder accessible.


Areas around the lens and viewfinder are reinforced with a secure-fitting lens gasket for extra protection from the elements. When outside conditions improve, the cover can be easily taken off and packed away.


    • Fits JVC GY-HC900 Connected Camera
    • Protects from Rain and Dust
    • Water-Resistant Nylon Material
    • Clear Vinyl Windows to Read Displays
    • Secure-Fitting Lens Gasket
    • Easy to Put on and Take Off
  • Accommodates    JVC GY-HC900
    Type of Closure    Hook-and-Loop, Zipper
    Material    Nylon, Vinyl

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