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Piggin` Strings� set of 6-inch, 12-inch, 24-inch, and Heavy Duty (HD). They are generally used for larger, longer, coils of cable and extension cords. The snap hook helps you quickly fasten cable onto the rings of Porta Brace cases or hook them neatly to the mesh cage in the OB van.

New Heavy Duty Piggin' Strings have been tested to hold up to 75lbs.  Will you ever need to hold 75lbs?  Probably not, but isn't it nice to know that you could?  Heavy Duty Piggin' Strings are sold in sets of 2.

  • Dimensions

    • 6"
      • Weight: 0.30 lb / 0.14 kg
    • 12"
      • Weight: 0.20 lb / 0.09 kg
    • 24"
      • Weight: 0.30 lb / 0.14 kg
    • Heavy Duty
      • Weight: 0.40 lb / 0.18 kg
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