Help protect your Sony PXW-Z90 camera from the rigors of filming in cold weather with the black POL-PXWZ90 Polar Bear Camera Cover from Porta Brace. For impressive build quality; Porta Brace has constructed this cover with tough, durable nylon and a thick padded lining for superior insulation.

The lining is made of PCM, a temperature stabilizing, phase-change material designed to keep warm air in the camera chamber. This is vital for preventing condensation when moving from a cold location to a warmer setting. Use the cover with air-activated warmers like the two included polar heat packs.

The spacious interior accommodates the camera with a matte box and standard lens. Multiple zippers allow for easier camera installation and removal. The cover features a snug zipper around the tripod plate for keeping out the cold during tripod use. Two hand openings at the lens and one by the viewfinder are surrounded by cotton cuffs that keep both the camera and your hands warmer. Polar Covers have been successfully tested at temperatures as low as -50°F. Of course, use at lower temperatures is dependent upon a variety of factors that include wind, humidity, number of warmers, and more.

  • Keeps camera functioning properly in extremely cold temperatures
  • Interior pockets hold air-activated hand warmers for extra warmth
  • For use on tripod or shoulder mount
  • Use with matte box or standard lens


    • For Sony PXW-Z90 Camera
    • Use in Cold Climates
    • Air-Activated Warmers
    • Thick Padding; High-Loft Insulation
    • Insulated Lens Cover
    • Works with Matte Box & Standard Lens
    • Zippers & Hook-and-Loop Fasteners
    • Snug Zipper Around Tripod Plate
    • Includes 2 x Polar Heat Packs
  • Material    Nylon, PCM
    Type of Closure    Hook-and-Loop, Zipper
    Carrying/Transport Options    None
    Tripod Mountable    Yes
    Minimum Operating Temperature    -50°F / -45°C
    Weight    5 lb / 2.3 kg

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