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The POL-2DSLR is a protective cover for filming with HDSLR cameras in cold-weather environments. The unique front-zip module design allows you to shoot with either a standard lens or matte box.

The cover is made using a triple-layer of protective fabrics: 1) an exterior layer of waterproof Nylon to keep snow, frost, and rain out, 2) an interior layer of white Mylar material that reflects heat from the camera to keep both the camera and your hands warm, and 3) a thick layer of insulation to keep the warm air in and cold air out. There are also mesh pockets attached to the inside of the cover that hold air-activated hand warmers for use during extreme cold temperatures.

There are two sleeves for to keep your hands and wrists warm while operating the camera. There is also room to maneuver your hands to manually adjust focus or change camera settings. An opening at the top of the case allows you to keep a microphone or flash mounted without letting cold air or moisture into the case.

The POL-DSLR2 works with many different compact DSLR rig setups but ideally works with the following equipment: HDSLR camera, standard or zoom lens, matte box, view finder (such as the Zacuto Z-Finder).


  • Features

    • -Maximum cold-weather camera protection

      -Triple-layer insulated design

      -Long fleece sleeves keep your hands warm

      -Use with standard lenses or matte box

      -Use on tripod or hand-held

      -Mic or flash mount

  • Dimensions

    Weight: 2.60 lb / 1.18 kg

  • Equipment Covered

    • Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera
    • Canon DSLR Cameras
    • Hasselblad DSLR Cameras
    • Mamiya DSLR Cameras
    • Nikon DSLR Cameras
    • Olympus DSLR Cameras
    • Panasonic&nbs
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