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The POL-CLK offers complete cold weather protection for stadium cameras with ENG-style lenses and flat-screen monitor displays.

Long sleeves and interior pockets for holding air-activated hand warmers help keep the camera operator dry and warm. Lots of zippers in all the right places make putting the Cloak on and taking it off easy to do, but still provide maximum protection. Nylon pull-ties cinch at all openings to help secure the Cloak around the camera and keep out unwanted rain, dust and other airborne particles. A clear vinyl window at the front of the Cloak allows the tally light to shine through.

  • Features

    • -Triple-layer, waterproof & breathable material
    • -New design fits flat-screen monitor displays
    • -Clear vinyl window for tally light and camera controls
    • -Rain and snow protection for stadium cameras with ENG lenses
    • -Helps keep camera operator dry and warm
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