The Porta Brace 12" Piggin' String Gaffer Tape Spooler with Carabiner Flashlight includes a 12" Piggin String, a combination carabiner/flashlight, and a roll of premium gaffer tape. The Piggin' String features a snap hook for attaching to D-rings and similar, as well as a hook-and-loop fastener system that allows you to close the string into a loop suitable for holding a variety of items.

The included gaffer tape has virtually limitless uses on a set. The looped Piggin' String allows you to carry both a 2" and a 1" wide roll of tape. You can use the snap hook to attach the Piggin' String to a bag, for travel between locations, or to your belt loop so you always have tape at hand. The carabiner can likewise attach to the Piggin' String and hang from the loop, allowing you to have a flashlight.


    • For Holding Gaffer Tape
    • Carabiner Flashlight Included
    • Premium Gaffer Tape Included
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