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Set of 4 Stuff Sack Pouches. 1 CS-B9 (9"x9"), 1 PB-B9 (9"x9"), 1 PB-B6 (6"x6") and 1 PB-B812 (8"x12").

  • Features

    -Great for power supplies, C-47s, barrell connectors, small bulbs & extra batteries

    -Keeps everything organized.


    -PB-B6, PB-B9 and PB-812 exterior made of veltex which which will attatch to hook(velcro)

    -Padded to protect small accessories and electronics

  • Dimensions

    Weight: 1.20 lb / 0.54 kg

  • Package Includes

    - 1x PB-812IP Padded iPad Carrying Pouch

    - 1x PB-B9 Hard Case Stuff Sack

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