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This medium sized battery case is crush proof. The PB-BSCC is shaped by a full width, rigid panel, between layers of Cordura Nylon. They have a bonded foam and plastic, lightweight rigid lid. This case is designed to hold the BlueShape 4 V-Mount Battery Station or the BlueShape 4-Channel Charging and Monitoring Utility.


Mesh pockets in the lid provide convenient access to things often used. Two side pockets and a large mesh slip pocket provide room for extra gear. The PB-BSCC comes with a comfortable HB-1040 suede shoulder strap.

  • Features

    - Anti-Slip Durable Slip-knot Bottom
    - Comfortable suede shoulder strap
    - Durable, 1000-denier Cordura
    - Ridged Case Frame

  • Dimensions

    Weight: 5.45 lb / 2.47 kg
    Interior: 13.5" x 7" x 9" / 34.29 x 17.78 x 22.86 cm
    Exterior: 18.25" x 10.5" x 10" / 46.36 x 26.67 x 25.40 cm

  • Equipment Covered

    BlueShape 4 Channel Charger & Monitoring Utility for V-Mount Lithium Ion Batteries

    BlueShape 4 V-Mount Battery Power Station

  • Package include

    - 1x HB-1040 Suede Shoulder Strap

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