The PB-2750DKORP Vault Hard Case with Off-Road Wheels and Divider Kit is a case designed to carry audio, photo or digital gear and accessories. It is made form unbreakable, TTX01 high-strength plastic resin with divider kit that includes a nesting pillow system made from an ultra soft yet highly durable material to pamper the gear. Each pillow is filled with a variable foam-bead mix for maximum packing flexibility and protective benefit. The nest system eliminates foam ""dust"" associated with perforated foam interiors.


There are Veltex dividers with durable, crush resistant corrugated plastics with hook and loop fasteners and padded pouches are included. The case is transported by a super-soft grip rigid handles, a retractable handle and built-in off-road, in-line skate wheels.


Please note: the PB-2750DKORP is not a watertight / airtight case due to the process of adding the custom off-road wheels and axle.  The case does not lose any protective strength or integrity but it will allow air to the main storage area.


Interior Length
Interior Width
Interior Height
Exterior Length
Exterior Width
Exterior Height
  • Dimensions Interior: 19.5 x 15.75 x 8.0" (49.53 x 40.01 x 20.32cm) (LxWxH)

    Exterior: 24.5 x 20.5 x 10.75" (62.23 x 52.07 x 27.31cm) (LxWxH)

    Weight: 22.75 lbs (10.32kg)

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