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PB Hard Case models ending with: DKO are Divider Kit Only replacements and UP-GRADES to the foam interiors. For a more substantial solution to the foam, the DKO is used for improved performance.


They include pouches, pillows and divider planks, which give you greater flexibility in configuring your ever-changing equipment requirements. DKO's can even be used with many competing brands of shipping cases with worn out foam interiors. Watch an Instructional Divider Kit Video

  • Features

    -Can be used repeatedly
    -Customize your setup
    -Soft, Veltex-lined material
    -Ultimate protection

  • Dimensions

    Dimensions Exterior: 19.5 x 15.75 x 8.0" (49.53 x 40.01 x 20.32cm) (LxWxH)

  • Package include

    - 6x DIV-7X3 Divider

    - 1x PB-B9 Hard Case Stuff Sack

    - 1x PB-BCAML Hard Case Internal Pillow - Large 

    - 1x PB-BSMP Large Pillow For Internal Combo Case

    - 2x DIV-7X21 Dividers

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