The perfect interior solution for the Porta Brace 2550 hard case is here!  The PB-2550DLSRDKO is a soft padded interior insert, custom-fit and designed to improve protection and simplify organization for the hard case.  The insert is hand-made in Vermont, USA and includes one-inch (1.0”) thick padded walls lined with soft Veltex material.


 Veltex is made of 100% nylon fabric with a polyester foam core and nylon tricot backing.  Its super soft finish makes it a popular choice for lining jewelry cases.  The PB-2550DLSRDKO uses distinctive Portabrace-Copper™ coloring to offset the typical black color of interior equipment to improve visibility of the items.  The included dividers, soft-padded pouch, Lens Cup and Lens Wraps can be used to create an unlimited number of custom interior arrangements that fit your changing equipment needs.  


Included Accessories:


Eight (8) small, Veltex-lined bendable padded dividersOne (1) All-New DK-5CCHL padded rigid divider, that can be used to cover the horizontal (21-inch) span of the case, or separated to form two vertical (10.5-inch) dividersA padded protective lid-liner with mesh slip-pocket perfect for storing tablet computers, cables, filters or documentsTwo (2) All-New black "wrap" dividers that can be used as dividers or lens wrapsOne (1) padded 4-inch Lens Cup that provides extra protection for lenses inside the case but can also be removed and worn on a belt for convenient access to a spare lensOne (1) padded CS-B9 zippered protective “Stuff Sack”


Maximum Protection:

The PB-2550DLSRDKO extra-thick padding, soft lining, and abundance of included soft-padded dividers, pouches, and wraps are combined to create a functional interior that provides maximum protection for cameras, lenses and accessories against bumps, shocks, and drops.  You can see the maximum protective effect in this short “30-Second Egg Test” video.


View our Accessories page for additional components such as Cable-Binders, Lens Cups, padded pouches, and more. 


Have questions about which accessories are best for your specific equipment setup?  Please chat with one of our case experts or contact us.  It would be our pleasure to help!



  • -1.0" Veltex-lined foam with touch fastener material
    -Zippered pouch within top lid
    -Self-customizable, durable dividers
    -Padded 4-inch lens cup included
    -Padded accessory pouch that double as cushioning

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