The PB-2550DKO Hard Case Interior Divider Kit from Porta Brace is a stand-alone divider kit made up of 1.0" Veltex foam covering, zipper pouch, divider walls, fleece bag and two Porta Brace padded pouches. It is an accessory for Porta Brace PB-2550 series cases and a replacement for the PB-2550DK case.


  • 1.0" Veltex-lined foam with touch fastener material, made to cover all six interior walls.
  • Zippered pouch within top lid, made to hold loose items.
  • Self-customizable dividers made of durable, crush-resistant corrugated plastic with hook and loop fasteners.
  • Fleece bag to cushion your items.
  • Two Porta Brace padded nylon accessory pouches that can double as cushioning devices.
  • Compatible with Porta Brace PB-2550 series hard resin cases


    • Fits PB-2550 Hard Resin Cases
    • 1.0" Veltex-lined Foam for Walls
    • Zipper Pouch Within Top Lid
    • Corrugated Plastic Dividers
    • Fleece Bag to Cushion Items.
    • Two Porta Brace Nylon Pouches
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