The PB-1560ICO Interior Case is designed to replace the interior of a Pelican 1560 series case. PB Hard Case models ending with "ICO" are Interior Case Only replacements and Up-Grades to the foam interiors.


When the foam wears out, use the ICO to improve the performance. It includes pouches, pillows and divider planks that give you greater flexibility in configuring your ever-changing equipment requirements. ICO's can even be used with many competing brands of shipping cases with worn out foam interiors.


  • -1 x PB-812IP Padded iPad Carrying Pouch

    -1 x PB-BCAMM Hard Case Internal Pillow

    -1 x LH Leather Handle

    -1 x PB-BSMP Small Stuffer Pillow

    -1 x TSA TSA Lock 

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