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The MO-AKHVF100G monitor case is a rain / dust cover and field-viewing visor custom fit for the Panasonic AK-HVF100G monitor. The case is constructed of waterproof, & breathable Nylon Taslan material, which provides waterproof protection while also allowing heat to escape. Clear vinyl windows on the side and top of the case allow unobstructed viewing of the side-handles and tally light.

The monitor screen has a 9-inch long visor for maximum visibility while viewing outdoors or on a bright set.

  • Features

    • -Long visor for maximum visibility

      -Waterproof material also allows heat to escape

      -Custom fit for AK-HVF100G monitor

  • Dimensions

    Weight: 0.50 lb / 0.23 kg

  • Equipment Covered

    Panasonic AK-HVF100

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