The Light Run Bag is a durable, lightweight 1000-denier Cordura® case designed to carry lighting heads and compact light stands or other lighting or camera accessories. The interior main compartment and the large front pocket are padded for extra protection. There are exterior pockets that will hold AC cords, cables, gel rolls and reflectors.


A padded interior divider kit is included that can be positioned to create three separate compartments or a single large compartment.

There are suede leather handles for carrying and a comfortable suede leather shoulder strap is included for carrying over the shoulder. 

  • Features

    -Durable, 1000 denier Cordura®

    -Padded interior main compartment and front pocket

    -Interior dividers included

    -Large front pocket for accessories

    -Full length zippered pocket at the rear

    -Comfortable suede leather strap included

  • Dimensions

    Dimensions Interior: 29.5 x 13 x 11.5" (74.93 x 33.02 x 29.21cm) (LxWxH)

    Exterior: 31 x 17 x 12" (78.74 x 43.18 x 30.48cm) (LxWxH)

    Weight: 6.6 lbs (2.99kg)

  • Equipment Covered

    Arri 150 FRESNEL
    Arri 300 PLUS FRESNEL
    Arri 650 PLUS FRESNEL
    Arri ARRILITE 600
    Arri ARRILITE 800/1000
    Arri ARRILUX 125 "Pocket PAR"
    Arri ARRILUX 200 "Pocket Lite"
    Arri ARRILUX 200 "Pocket PAR"
    Arri ARRILUX 400 "Pocket Lite"
    Arri ARRILUX 400 "Pocket PAR"
    Arri ARRISUN 2
    Arri ARRISUN 2 Event
    Arri ARRISUN 5
    Arri Compact 125
    Arri Compact 200
    Arri True Blue D5
    Arri True Blue T1
    Arri True Blue T2
    Arri X 2
    Dedolight Series 100
    Dedolight Series 150
    Dedolight Series 200
    Dedolight Series 400
    K 5600 BlackJack 400
    K 5600 Evolution 200
    K 5600 Joker News 200
    K 5600 Joker News 400
    K 5600 Joker-Bug 200
    K 5600 Joker-Bug 400
    K 5600 Joker-Bug 800
    Kino Flo DIVA
    Lowel Blender
    Lowel DP
    Lowel L-light
    Lowel Omni
    Lowel Pro-light
    Lowel Rifa eX 44
    Lowel Tota
    Lowel V-light
    LTM 300
    LTM 450
    LTM 600
    Mole Richardson 200 Watt HMI Molepar
    Mole Richardson 575 Watt DayLite Par
    Mole Richardson 575 Watt HMI Solarspot
    Mole Richardson 800-WATT HMI DAYLITE PAR
    Mole Richardson Baby Solarspot
    Mole Richardson Midget Solarspot
    Mole Richardson Mini-Mole Solarspot
    Mole Richardson Molequartz 1K Nooklite
    Mole Richardson Molequartz 6" Baby Solarspot
    Mole Richardson Molequartz Baby-Baby Solarspot
    Mole Richardson Molequartz Betweenie Solarspot
    Mole Richardson Molequartz InBetweenie Solarspot
    Mole Richardson Molequartz Mickey-Mole
    Mole Richardson Molequartz One-Light Molefay
    Mole Richardson Molequartz One-Light Nooklite
    Mole Richardson Molequartz Teenie Mole
    Mole Richardson Molequartz Teenie-Weenie Mole
    Mole Richardson Molequartz Tweenie II Solarspot
    Mole Richardson Tiny-Mole Solarspot
    Mole Richardson Tweenie Photon
    Photon Beard PhotonBeam 1000
    Photon Beard PhotonBeam 800
    QuartzColor Bambino Fresnels
    QuartzColor HMI Fresnel 200W
    QuartzColor HMI Fresnel 400W
    QuartzColor HMI Fresnel 575W
    QuartzColor HMI PAR 200W
    QuartzColor HMI PAR 575W
    QuartzColor Pinza
    QuartzColor Pulsar
    QuartzColor RedHeads

  • Package include

    - 1x CARA-BRNZ Carabiner & Flashlight

    - 1x HB-1040 Suede Shoulder Strap

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