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Have you misplaced your camera lens cap? Do you want to prevent the otherwise inevitable point in time when you will lose your camera lens cap? Then the Portabrace Lens Cap (LC-6X8) is the perfect solution for you!

Our Lens Caps feature a quick-connect buckle and tether to keep them securely fastened to your camera, bag, or belt-loop.


The exterior of the Lens Cap is made using waterproof Nylon Taslan material that keeps out unwanted rain, splashes, or dust and debris. The elastic opening provides a secure grip around the lens shade. The LC-6X8 fits lens shades with the approximate dimensions of 6-inches by 8-inches (6" x 8").

There is a bult-in White Balance Card that provides both structure to the Lens Cap and a convenient focal point for white-balancing. There is also a small interior pocket that can be used for carrying lens-cleaning tissue or as a convenient business card holder.

  • Features

    • -Built-in, replaceable white balance card
    • -Secure fit around lens shade
    • -Interior storage pocket
    • -Nylon tether secures the cap to camera
  • Dimensions

    6" x 8"

    • Weight: 0.80 lb / 0.36 kg
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