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The Camera Shield protective camera cover is the latest innovation from Porta Brace, straight from the cutting edge of camera protection.

The Camera Shield is constructed with our waterproof / breathable Taslan material, ensuring that your gear stays dry and cool.

The "Snub Nose" hood design is perfect for wide lenses. Rigid framing on the front and back provide protection around the lens as well as around battery and cable output. Dual "Gull Wing" design provides a sunhood & weather protection for your LCD screen on one side, and hand protection when "Running and Gunning".

Custom camera cover models available for Sony F5 and F55.  Please contact us at or 802-442-8171 for questions about custom cases.


  • Features

    • -Rain protection

      -Protection from small bumpbs and scratches

      -Improved viewfinder visibility

      -Perfect for modular cine-stlye cameras

  • Dimensions

    Weight: 1.00 lb / 0.45 kg

  • Equipment Covered

    • Panasonic AG-AF100
    • Sony PMW-F3
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