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Our Ultra-Light Tall Camera Case for Shoot-Ready Cinema Camera Rigs features ballistic grade Cordura nylon, an interior frame, a waterproof layer on the bottom, and included accessories that help keep your rig safe and secure.


The cases quick-zip lid gives you fast access to your equipment. Two linked zippers open to reveal the main compartment where your Shoot-Ready rig is safely held in place by the thick interior foam frame. Accessories such as camera stabilizing cinch, lens support pad, and padded lens wrap ensure extra protection of your gear. A height of 11.25 allows compatibility with a number of cine cameras, as previously mentioned.

Other considerations of the Ultra-Light case include 4 large exterior pockets, which make grabbing accessories and other small items fast and easy while youre working. The SuperStrap is an adjustable shoulder strap with anti-skid protection ensures the case stays on your shoulder.


Another useful accessory is a carabiner flashlight for finding whats in your bag,



Quick-Zip Lid for Fast Access to Equipment
Two linked zippers provide speedy access to the main compartment of the Ultra-Light case. Just open up the bag, grab your rig, and start shooting.

Ultra-Light Frame for Comfortable Carrying
The cases frame is ultra-light and features Codura nylon and an interior foam frame. This makes for maximum protection, while keeping unnecessary weight from wearing you down.

11.25 Interior Height Fits a Wide Range of Cinema Cameras
Carry your rig in a Shoot-Ready configuration so youre ready to work right from the start. The Ultra-Light case fits cinema cameras such as the C300 and other compact cameras in its 11.25 tall interior.

4 Large Exterior Storage Pockets
The four included exterior pockets make it easy for you to grab small items when youre working, without having to root through the interior of the bag. Keep everything in its designated place so you can work without frustration or delays.

Included Accessories
In addition to the Ultra-Light Case, you also receive a number of accessories that help keep your rig safe and secure. A camera stabilizing cinch helps keep your camera in place, while a lens support pad and a padded lens wrap protect the lens. A carabiner flashlight helps you find what you need, and the SuperStrap with the anti-skid material keeps the case in place on your shoulder.

Comfortable strap included
The included Super-Strap is both comfortable and a safe way to carry your gear. The bottom layer of the strap has anti-skid protection, that helps ensure the strapand the casestays in place on your shoulder. You can also use the suede-leather handles if you so choose.

Design Details
Made from ballistic-grade 1000-denier Cordura nylon, and an interior frame, this soft-sided case features the same kind of quality and toughness youve come to expect from PortaBrace.

Waterproof Bottom Panel
The bottom of the case is lined with an extra layer of waterproof Slip-Not material, for maximum protection against water when placing the case on the ground.


Canon C300, RED, URSA Mini, and other similar compact camera rigs

1000-denier Cordura nylon
1 Interior foam frame
Waterproof bottom lining

Type of Closure:

Transport Options:
Two Suede-Leather Grip Top Handles
Padded Adjustable Shoulder Super-Strap


Exterior: 21 x 13.25 x 15 / 53.34 x 33.66 x 33.02cm
Interior: 17 x 11.5 x 13 / 43.2 x 29.2 x 28.6cm

4.5lb / 2.04kg

Whats Included:

CS-CR-CINCH - Camera Stabilizing Cinch
CC-STUFFER - Lens Support Pad
CARA-BRNZ - Carabiner Flashlight
RX-STRIP - Elastic Accessory Holder
PKT-2B - 2-Pouch Hanging Pocket
HB-20SS  SuperStrap with Anti-Skid Bottom
DVO-HP - Long Hanging Pocket
DK-RND - Padded Lens Wrap