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The CINEMA-C100L is a durable, versatile soft-sided camera case that's ideal for carrying cinema camera setups with long lenses or rear-mounted video recorders. The case fits a wide range of c100 and modular-rig configurations.

Quality Case Construction

The case is constructed using ballistic-grade, 1000-denier Cordura water-proofed nylon, and bonded triple-tacked stitching for superior water-resistance. The semi-rigid structure is ultra-lightweight and is made with a 1-inch thick interior foam frame. A Quick-Zip lid that provides fast, unobstructed access to the main camera compartment.

An extra layer of waterproof Slip-Not material lines the bottom of the case for maximum protection against water and dirt when placing the case on the ground.

Value-Added Features and Inclusions

The CINEMA-C100L includes multiple organizing pouches and dividers, a White Balance Card, and an LED carabiner light for production in low-light conditions.

There is a large zippered pocket on the back of the case, which is ideal for storing cables, filters, and small accessories. A large, Velcro-closure front pocket is designed to carry shotgun mics, spare batteries, and additional accessories. The camera case can be carried using the comfortable, soft suede-leather handles or the ultra-comfortable nylon SuperStrap strap (a $109 VALUE!).


Included with the CINEMA-C100L, the HB-20SS Super Strap enhances the most popular aspects and features of our signature suede shoulder strap, highlighted by heavy-duty ultra-comfort foam core, zipper pockets for storage, and non-skid contact surface for the heaviest loads.

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