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The CINEMA-BACKPACKP is a durable, versatile soft-sided camera case backpack for carrying cinema camera setups. The case is constructed using ballistic-grade, 1000-denier Cordura nylon with an ultra-lightweight 1-inch thick interior foam frame.  The case fits a wide range of cinema camera and modular-rig configurations.

Tapered design contact us for best camera fit.

  • Features

    • -Ultra-light frame for comfortable carrying

      -Thick padding for maximum protection

  • Dimensions

    • Interior: 23.25" x 13" x 11" (59.06 x 33.02 x 27.94 cm)

      Exterior: 27" x 19 x 19" (68.58 x 48.26 x 40.64 cm)

      Weight: 8.3 lb (3.76 kg)

  • Package Includes

    - 1x CARA-BRNZ  Carabiner Flashlight

    - 1x CC-STUFFER  Camera Stabilizer Block

    - 1x CS-B9  9" Padded Accessory Pouch

    - 1x PKT-2FB Detachable Pocket

    - 1x RX-STRIP  Audio Recorder Strip

    - 1x TX-STRIP Transmitter Strip

    - 1x WBC  White Balance Card

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