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Our Camera Body Armor is designed to be custom fit to each camera model. The CBA-XF705B is a black 500-D Cordura full-time protective cover for the Canon XF705 camra. The cover has a layer of padding to reduce impact of scratches and bumps encountered during daily field production. The padding is lined with a soft spacer-mesh material that provides an extra layer of protection for the camera while allowing for airflow between the cover and the camera.

The 500-Denier Cordura(R) material is water-resistant, highly abrasive-resistant, and has a soft feel. The cover also provides protection from light precipitation, dust, and other airborne particles. A fold-out rain cover is also included for stronger rainy conditions. The rain cover can be folded up and stored in a side-mounted pocket on the Camera Body Armor.

The Camera Body Armor is loaded onto the camera using touch fasteners and web cinches for a secure fit. There is a soft neoprene gasket that grips around the lens.

  • Features

    -Non-abrasive, durable material

    -Odor-resistant material

    -Custom-fit, full access to controls

    -Built-in Rain Top

    -Slight padding helps camera absorb shock from bumps

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