The Portabrace Piggin' String has a Velcro and nylon loop that wraps around your cables and a clip that attaches the looped cable to your bag, vest, or audio case.  Piggin' Strings are available in 6, 12, and 24 inch lengths.  The Heavy Duty Piggn' String offers super strong hold for heavy spools.


Our Cable Binders offer color-coded wrapping for your cables.  Stay organized and maintain fast access to your cables while on a production set or outdoor shoot.  


The Cable Binder Super Set contains 3 x 6-inch Piggin' Strings, 3 x 12-inch Piggin' Strings, 3 x 24-inch Piggin' Strings, 3 x Heavy Duty Piggin' Strings, and 4 x color-coded Cable Binders.

Cable Binder Super Set

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