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The Portabrace Lens Belt allows you to keep your lenses (or other accessories) close at hand.  The strong nylon belt has a large clip that allows you to pull the belt tight to fully support the weight of the lenses.  There are 4 d-ring clips to attach cables using Portabrace Piggin' Strings (sold separately) or to clip the belt to a Portabrace DSLR Harness for added support (HR-DSLR sold separately).


The Lens Belt comes with 2 Lens Cups: one 4-inch and one 7-inch.  Each Lens Cup has it's own color-coded tab and clear vinyl viewing window for quickly identifying your lenses.  The Lens Cups are padded and have a semi-rigid core wrapped in soft nylon to protect your lenses while you're on the move.

  • Features

    -Adjustable, strong Nylon belt

    -2 x Protective Lens Cups

    -Attaches to harness for added support

    -Access your lenses quickly and confidently

  • Dimensions

    Weight: 1.00 lb / 0.45 kg

  • Package Includes

    -1 x Nylon Video Belt

    -1 x 4-inch Lens Cup

    -1 x 7-inch Lens Cup

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