Porta Brace BK-STEADICAM Lightweight Rigid-Frame Backpack for Steadicam Systems


Here at PortaBrace we’ve developed a reputation for tough bags and cases that professionals depend on. With the BK-STEADICAM Lightweight Rigid-Frame Backpack for Steadicam Systems we’re continuing that tradition. While lightweight and easy to carry--thanks to thick padded straps, waist belt, chest strap, and extra closed-cell foam padding--the BK-STEADICAM is also extremely strong thanks to its rigid frame. Made from corrugated plastic, the lightweight ultra-durable frame protects most stabilizer systems or support vests and arms.


Other features of the pack that protect your Steadicam system include three soft padded pillows, one stabilizer arm cinch, and two 7 x 21-inch padded dividers. Of course, the 1000-denier Cordura exterior provides the same look and strength of other PortaBrace bags. Also included with the pack are PB-B812 8 x 12-inch padded accessory pouch.



Rigid Frame for Extra Protection
The BK-STEADICAM is more than just a padded backpack. Made from a rigid corrugated plastic, the frame is so tough that you can stand on top of the backpack without bending it. At the same time, it’s also much lighter than hard cases of the same size.


Made to Withstand the Elements & Then Some
You wouldn’t expect anything less from PortaBrace than a tough backpack for your Steadicam system. Made from 1000-denier Cordura nylon, the exterior is the same strong material used on many of the bags and cases you’ve grown to depend on from PortaBrace over the years. Inside the bag you’ll find the same attention to detail with closed-cell foam padding, two removable 7 x 21” dividers and them some.


Holds most Aero and Zephyr Stabilizer Systems
The BK-STEADICAM is designed to transport and protect your entire Steadicam system including vest and stabilizer. Your stabilizer will stay safe and secure using the interior cinch and pillow system.


Support for Easy Transport
While it may be obvious that a backpack has padded backpack straps, PortaBrace ensures easy, supported transport and wear of your BK-STEADICAm with many other considerations. Among them are padded side support straps and a padded removable waist belt that is adjustable for all heights and body types—including removable waist straps--taking much of the pressure off your shoulders, evenly distributing the weight of a full pack. Breathable mesh back and lumbar support help to keep you comfortable and cool. Extra foam padding and breathable-mesh lining round out the comfort features of the bag.


Additional Included Items
In addition to the camera cinch and internal pillows for keeping your stabilizer safe in transit, the BK-STEADICAM also includes two 7 x 21-inch bendable dividers and a PB-B812 padded pouch with zipper. Not only will your gear get to the location safely, but you’ll be Shoot-Ready® when you get there.



Exterior: 1000-denier Cordura nylon
Interior: Closed-cell foam padding

Type of Closure:

Midnight Black with Copper Trim

Waist Belt:

Carrying / Transport Options:

•Padded backpack straps
•HB-1040 Shoulder Strap (not included)

9lb (4kg)

What’s Included:
•BK-STEADICAM Lightweight Rigid-Frame Steadicam System Backpack
•CS-CINCH Stabilizer cinch (1)
•PB-N812 Padded zippered pouch (1)
•DVO-RP Padded stabilizer pillows (3)
•DIV-7X21 Divider (7 x 21”) (2)


  • •Comfortable harness system

    •Custom fit for Steadicam stabilizer systems

    •Durable, 1000-denier Cordura material

    •Easily modified for custom applications

    •Lightweight rigid-frame prtotection

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