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The AR-888 Audio Recorder Case is a lightweight and durable field carrying solution that is custom-fit to carry and protect the Sound Devices 888 field recorder setup. The case exterior is made from durable, abrasion-resistant 1000-denier Cordura� nylon. The case body is lined with a layer of foam padding to help absorb shocks and protect form bumps and scratches.

Side openings provide complete access to cable input / outputs and memory card slots. The openings seal tight with hook and loop fastener to provide maximum protection against water, dust and debris. The AR-888 also comes with a clear Vinyl cover that can be easily attached to allow an unobstructed view of the recorder's screen while protecting the 888 from rain or splashing.

There is a wireless transmitter pocket on each side of the case and molle strips along the front of the case to allow for more transmitters to be clipped (4 total).

  • Features

    -Abrasion-resistant 1000

    -denier Cordura nylon-Rigid frame panels for maximum protection

    -Foam padding to absorb shocks

    -Zipper and touch fastener closure

    -Clear Vinyl cover protects against rain

  • Equipment Covered

    • Sound Devices 888
  • Package Includes

    1 x HB-15 Comfortable Nylon Shoulder Strap
    1 x RM-MULTIB Wireless Mic Storage Pouch

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