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The AO-SXR4AD8+ is an Audio Organizer case for the Sonosax SX-R4+ and the SX-AD8+. The case has a lightweight but rigid frame for maximum protection that's easy to carry. The case opens completely on the sides to allow for cables to pass through. There's a front pouch for holding wireless receivers as well as additional room in the main compartment for holding more receivers. The case also comes with a fold-out Audio Rain Cover to protect your equipment in an unexpected rain shower. The rain cover folds up and stores in a pocket attached to the side of the case. The AO can attach to an Audio Harness or a shoulder strap. The comfortable nylon HB-15 strap is included.

  • Features

    -Large Self Contained Unit

    -Hard Plastic Padded Frame

    -Extra Storage Space

    -Large Receiver Pouch

    -Transmitter Pouches

    -Flask Pouch

  • Equipment Covered

    Sonosax SX-R4+ Sonosax SX-AD8+

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