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The AO-1.5 Audio Organizer is a large, self contained case made for audio field mixers and recorders. The larger dimensions of the bag offer plenty of storage options and also ample room for multiple receivers. The main structure of this bag is made from rigid corrugated plastic paneling covered in durable padded Cordura® fabric.  This combination of materials creates a strong and rigid frame that offers maximum protection and lightweight performance. Accessories can be stored in the collapsible front pocket of the case. Both sides of the AO series bag are fully detachable side panels that allow easy access to all mixer inputs and outputs. Located on both exterior sides of the bag are transmitter pouches with NP1/BDS pockets. Also, there is a large zip bottle holder that expands to alternatively hold headphones. This bag is the perfect solution for large multiple receiver situations.

All-New Redesigned Features Include:

-Large access flap on back for battery access
-Attached external NP1 pocket
-NP1/BDS/transmitter pockets on both sides
-Boom rest/headphone pouch/bottle-holder pocket
-NP1 Velcro locks on each side
-Metal harness attachment rings each side
-Smaller compact collapsible front pocket
-Accessory storage in front pocket
-Interior copper colored lining
-Longer carry handles
-Longer vinyl cover
-Double layer vinyl pocket
-Boom-pole attachment point
-2 x rigid dividers

Some recommended setups for the AO-1.5X:

Sound Devices 633: With L-Type Batteries attached. With room for 6 wireless receivers, 2 transmitter sends and NP1/BDS system pockets.  

Sound Devices 788-CL8: With room for 4 dual Wireless Receivers. 2 transmitter sends and NP1/BDS system pockets.  

Zaxcom Maxx: With room for 6 wireless receivers, 2 transmitter sends and NP1/BDS system pockets.  

Zaxcom Nomad: With room for 6 wireless receivers, 2 transmitter sends and NP1/BDS system pockets. 

  • Features

    -Compact collapsible front pocket
    -Boom Holder
    -Metal attachment points
    -Access flaps and removable sides
    -Double vinyl pocket rain cover

  • Dimensions

    Interior: 12 x 6.5 x 7.0" (30.48 x 16.51 x 17.78cm) (LxWxH)

    Exterior: 13 x 8.0 x 8.0" (33.02 x 20.32 x 20.32cm) (LxWxH)

    Weight 3.3 lbs (1.5kg)

  • Equipment Covered

    • Cooper Sound CS-104
    • Professional Sound Alpha
    • Professional Sound M3
    • Shure FP24
    • Shure FP32A
    • Shure FP33
    • Sony DMX-P01
    • Sound Devices 302
    • Sound Devices 442
    • Sound Devices 552
    • Sound Devices 633 with XLB2 Batteries.
    • Sound Devices 702
    • Sound Devices 722
    • Sound Devices 744
    • Sound Devices 788
    • Sound Devices 788/CL8
    • SQN Electronics SQN-2
    • SQN Electronics SQN-3
    • SQN Electronics SQN-4 (II & III)
    • SQN Electronics SQN-5
    • Zaxcom Maxx with right angle XLRs
    • Zaxcom Nomad
  • Package Includes

    - 1x CARA-BRNZ Carabiner & Flashlight

    - 1x HB-15 Shoulder Strap 

    -1x PS-6a Velcro Cable Wrap, 6" 

    -2x DIV-5X12CORR Corrugated Dividers

    -1x RX-STRIP Velcro Wireless Holder 


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