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The POL-URSAMINIPRO Polar Bear Camera Cover is designed to keep the Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro warm in cold temperatures. It has a black nylon fabric exterior and is thickly padded and constructed of high-loft insulation.  The interior is lined with a temperature-stabilizing, phase-change material (PCM) that helps keep warm air in the camera chamber. Air activated warmers can be placed inside the case to maintain interior temperatures in extreme cold temperatures (Portabrace Polar Covers have been tested at minus 50 degrees Fahrenheit).

The POL-URSAMINIPRO can be used with a matte box or standard lens.  The attached insulated lens cover protects the lens in transport and prevents condensation from forming when bringing the camera and Polar Bear case in from the cold. 

Touch Fastener strips line the interior of the Polar Bear for arranging optional air activated hand-warmers (Portabrace Polar Heat Packs). 

Two-hand openings at the lens and one by the viewfinder are enclosed with cotton cuffs that keep hands warm. 

The POL-URSAMINIPRO has three sets of zippers that make it simple to put the cover on and take it off.  The snug bottom zipper around the tripod plate, keeping out the cold when using the camera on a tripod. 

  • Features

    • -Keeps camera functioning properly in extreme cold temperatures

      -Interior pockets hold air-activated hand warmers for extra warmth

      -For use on tripod or shoulder-mount

      -Use with matte box or standard lens

  • Dimensions

    Weight: 0.50 lb / 0.23 kg

  • Equipment Covered

    Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro

  • Package Includes

    • - 1x PHP-0 Set of Polar Heat Packs

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