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The POL-DRONEC Polar Cover is a cold-weather cover designed to keep drone operator hands warm without having to wear cumbersome gloves that can interfere with control of the drone. The case is constructed of thermal-lined Nylon material that helps maintain a warm air environment around the controller and operator's hands while being used outside in cold weather. The material is also waterproof, which helps keep the controller dry when snowing.

There's a fold-out anti-glare visor that improves screen-visibility when filming in sunlight and also keeps blowing snow away from the screen. The thermal-lined top flap seals shut with Velcro when the controller is not being used.

The visor folds tight and protects the screen during transport.  The POL-DRONEC can be carried over the shoulder with an optional HB-15 shoulder strap

  • Features

    • -Thermal-lined protection from cold weather

      -Fold-out anti-glare visor for improved visibility

      -Helps protect monitor during transport 

  • Equipment Covered


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