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The PB-2850ATBORX Audio Tackle Box is a complete audio mobile workstation. A large, trunk-style hard case is used as the main carrying compartment. The case is constructed with a high-performance, patented hard-resin material reinforced at the corners.


The patented material is lighter-weight than most other hard case brands while remaining virtually crush-proof. The extreme off-road wheels used for the Tackle Box are air-filled, real rubber tires that will roll smoothly over almost any surface including sand and rocks.



The Tackle Box interior is hand made in Vermont and includes a thick, soft-padded lining and padded, rigid plastic shelves/dividers. The interior protects and organizes all of your audio equipment and can be adjusted again and again according to your changing equipment needs. There are large mesh pockets on the interior of the case door, which are ideal for storing additional accessories such as cables and Portabrace Audio Quick Slicks (sold separately).


The top exterior of the case is the perfect place to rest your mixer or recorder setup while working in the field. Your boom pole can be clipped to the side of the case using the strong, integrated boom pole clips.


Please note: the PB-2850ATBORX is not a watertight & airtight case due to the process of adding the custom off-road wheels and axle. The case does not lose any protective strength or integrity but it will allow air to the main storage area.