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The PB-1600DKO Premium Interior Upgrade Divider Kit for a Pelican 1600 Case from Porta Brace is a complete divider system that replaces the 4-piece foam set in the Pelican 1600 case.


The kit is made up of 1" thick padded walls that cushion your gear against bumps. Included with this kit are four 5.0 x 3.0" padded divider, two 7.0 x 21" padded dividers, two padded accessory pouches, a protective pillow for extra protection against the inevitable bumps and abrasions that cases are subjected toand one TSA lock.



The dividers attach to the walls of your optional Pelican case via convenient touch fasteners that can be repositioned at will to accommodate whatever configuration of gear you need on a given day. The advantage of this kit is that it saves you the expense of having to buy individual foam interiors to accommodate your various gear set ups.

  • Features

    - Add divider planks as necessary for unlimited setup options

    - Eliminate need for multiple foam interiors

    - Helps protect your valuable equipment

    - Padded laptop pocket in lid

  • Package Include

    - 4x DIV-5X3 Bendable Dividers

    - 2x DIV-7X21 Padded Rigid Dividers

    - 1x PB-812IP Padded iPad Carrying Case

    - 2x PB-B9 Padded Accessory Pouches

    - 1x PB-BSMP Small Fleece Stuffer Pillows

    - 1x TSA TSA Lock

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