The Flat Screen Field Monitor Case (MO) is made using 1000-denier Cordura® material and is custom-fit to a specific Marshall field monitor.  The case is made to stay on the monitor at all times, providing protection, convenience and comfort. There's a fold-out anti-glare visor that improves screen visibility while using the montior outdoors.  A "Quick-Slick" rain cover is included and can be used to keep the monitor, battery and cables dry during an unexpected rain shower.  A sturdy stand folds out to angle the monitor for optimal viewing.  The bottom of the case is lined with anti-skid, waterproof material to provide a solid protective base.  Ventilation flaps allow proper cooling of monitor. The case has access to battery/cable connection and adjustment controls.

The stand and visor fold back into the case and the entire unit folds into a protective compact case for carrying over the shoulder.  A comfortable HB-15 Shoulder Strap is included and can also be used around the neck to support the monitor while viewing. 


  • -Durable, 1000-denier Cordura®

    -Fold-out, anti-glare visor

    -Fold-out support stand

    -Anti-skid, waterproof base

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