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The DVO-3 has a special design that widens towards the front of the case in order to fit a compact HD camera assembled with a matte box and follow focus. The DVO-3 Camera Case has a padded, hollow-core rigid frame that provides maximum protection for your equipment while remaining lightweight.


The case exterior is constructed using durable Cordura material (1000-denier).  The DVO-3 has soft suede-leather carrying handles and a comfortable heavy-duty suede shoulder strap.  


The DVO-3 comes with a camera tie-down strap and a soft plush pillow base to keep the camera stable. There are 12 pockets to store plenty of accessories including a removable laptop pouch and removable lid pouch. A Heavy-duty, suede leather shoulder strap is also included. 

  • Features

    - 12 pockets for extra storage

    - Carry your camera and matte box together

    - Narrow to Wide Design to Accomodate Matte Boxes

    - Rigid frame for maximum protection

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