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Stay completely mobile while using your Macbook or laptop in the field. The Portabrace Mobile Laptop Harness and Desk combines the comfort of our field-equipment harness with the convenience and stability of a portable desk.

The harness has a padded "hexagon" design that provides maximum strength while it sits comfortably in the center of your back. The shoulder straps are padded for extra comfort. The 2-inch think Nylon straps are adjustable and extra durable and strong.

The desk is constructed of a lightweight but durable corrugated plastic and is lined with a "Slip-Not" anti-skid protective layer of rubber. The desk is adjustable for comfortable typing and screen-viewing.

  • Features

    • Strong and comfortable harness
    • Desk height is adjustable
    • Anti-slip material stabilizes laptop
    • Stay mobile while using your laptop
    • Made in Vermont, USA
  • Package Includes

    -Comfortable, strong harness
    -Laptop desk

  • Equipment Covered

    Dell laptops
    Lenovo laptops
    Acer laptops
    Asus laptops
    and more...

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