Skip Hobbie in India and Alaska

Meet Skip Hobbie.  Skip is a cinematographer and camera assistant who has worked on projects with National Geographic, The Discovery Channel, The BBC, and more (  Skip’s work has taken him and his equipment all over the world.  So when he got his new RED Epic and 800mm lens, he knew he would need something big and durable to protect it during extensive travel.   Skip decided to send us an email… “To the great folks at Portabrace, I’m a big fan of your Hiker camera bags. I’m a wildlife filmmaker from Austin, TX and I mostly work with National Geographic Television. I’ve used your hiker bags many, many times over the years, from mountain tops in Alaska to the tree tops of the Amazon Rainforest. I can’t say enough good things about them. I’ve finally invested in my own camera gear, a RED Epic and 300-800mm zoom lens, and unfortunately it’s too big for any of your hiker bags when its all put together. I’d really love to still have the convenience of your HK-1 bag, able to take the bag off my bag and pull the camera out ready to shoot, and thought about just ordering your bag and just trying to modify it myself. Unfortunately, I think it’d be a bit of hack job, and not nearly as reliable. Do you ever make custom order bags? A few modifications to your current design and i’d be really happy camper. Thanks, Skip” Here’s what happened next…

  • We told Skip that we DO make custom Cordura cases- all the time!  We just needed the dimensions of his rig to make sure the HK-1 would be the best solution.
  • Skip sent us some very detailed dimensions:

  • We used our Dimensional Search Tool to get started.  Then our design team did some final measuring and we emailed Skip our suggestion: a TS-41H Tripod Case & Backpack with some simple modifications: 2 extra large case stuffers, Velcro along the entire base of the case, and 2 additional sewn-in camera cinches to keep the camera rails securely fastened to the base of the case.

  • Skip liked the idea and placed the order!  We made the modifications and shipped Skip his case the next day.  Simple and effective, the way it should be!

The moral of the story is… if you need a wildlife filmmaker with a seriously awesome camera rig, contact Skip.  If you need a custom case to carry a seriously awesome camera rig (or any other gear), contact us!  It’s easier and more cost-effective than you think- I promise.