We get a lot of requests from all types of companies and government agencies to create custom Cordura equipment cases.  One of those recent requests came from experienced cameraman and CameraRibbon.com owner, Russ Rayburn.  I’d like to quickly share Russ’ story with you for 3 reasons: 1) Russ has been a Portabrace fan for years! 2) he has a cool new product that’s relevant to pro-video, and 3) his custom case project is a good example of how cost-effective custom case design can be with Portabrace.

Russ’ company makes a simple but comfortable video camera shoulder support system called the Camera Ribbon.  The Camera Ribbon has a simple one-piece aluminium frame design with an ergonomic “S” shape (see below).

Camera Ribbon

The idea for the Camera Ribbon came to Russ when he was asked to film an all-day outdoor extreme challenge competition.  The long day of filming with a hand-held compact HD camera was very fatiguing.  So Russ designed the Camera Ribbon as a simple way to fight fatigue on all-day shoots with hand-held cameras like the EX1R, XF305, and HVX200.

When it came time to make an OEM case for the Camera Ribbon, Russ knew he would need a durable field-case since many of his customers would be using the Camera Ribbon on all-day outdoor assignments.  As a film & video production veteran, Russ had used our cases in the field for years and knew they were rugged and reliable so he picked up the phone and called our team here in Vermont.


After a quick conversation, Russ sent over some pictures and specs and in a couple of days our design team had sent back their recommendations, all of which were slight modifications to existing Portabrace case models.  Rather than reinvent the wheel, modifying an existing design allowed us to offer Russ a cost-effective, high-quality solution.  He also opted for some value-added inclusions and Camera Ribbon logo embroidery.

Like the Camera Ribbon itself, Russ’ custom case project turned out to be simple yet effective.  If you’re thinking about a custom project but are concerned about the cost, try using our dimensional search as a starting point.  You might be surprised how cost-effective custom case building can be.