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Professional Camera Cases and Covers - Made in Vermont, USA

The people at Porta-Brace have been making high-quality professional camera cases and covers, right here in Vermont, USA for over forty years.  Our pride in the traditions of craftsmanship and independence are represented in the high-quality, hand-crafted and innovative products that we make.  There’s an artistic side of the Vermont craftsman, which is likely inspired by the beautiful natural surroundings.  But all good Vermont craftspeople know that crafting quality products also requires hard work, commitment, and pride: all characteristics that share a common Vermont heritage of converting local raw materials into long-lasting products.

Along with our commitment to quality materials and production processes, our industry-leading design team continues to introduce more customized, innovative camera cases andd covers than any otherEvery workday (since 1972) the team at Porta-Brace brings together their artistry and hard-working nature and combines them with unmatched video and audio industry experience to create the quality, innovative products that are used by professionals around the world more than any other brand.

We are privileged and proud to call Vermont our home and our workshop.  If you’re ever in our neck of the woods, please stop by and see us.  We’d love to show you around!

Living and working in harmony with nature is an important part of life in Vermont, and being eco-friendly to our community is as important to us as making quality products. 

Here are some of the things we do every day at Porta-Brace to reduce waste and help preserve nature’s bounty:

-We never use exterior packaging.  Our cases are built to last so we don’t worry about them getting damaged and we don’t waste any extra plastic or cardboard.

-We use precision auto-cutting machines to reduce discarded materials to an absolute minimum.

-All foam and padding scraps are donated and used to fill Heart-2-Heart stuffed bears in Vermont.

-Our production team has access to pattern instructions via wireless tablet computers so there’s no need to print instructions, cut-schedules, or parts-lists.