Straps & Accessories

Straps & Accessories

In addition to equipment-specific cases, Portabrace offers an almost limitless number of general purpose cases, bags, and performance-enhancing production accessories.

Ask your dealer for their informed recommendation on high-impact Portabrace accessories to complement your case purchase for improved preparedness and performance.

Some accessories you'll find in this section are our signature suede shoulder straps, color-coded cable binders, audio "Piggin' strings", viewfinder covers, carry-all pouches and more.

  • Lightweight, durable carabiner & flashlight

  • FC-3B Filter Case

    FILTER CASE holds (5) five, 4”x4” or 4-1/2” diameter filters with room to expand. They can be worn on a belt.

    Color Options:
  • Foam Interior for PB-2400

    Foam only interior for Portabrace Hard Cases

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