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The AH-3H heavy load audio harness/belt is made of strong durable Cordura fabric. The large supportive straps and back support are filled with thick padded memory-foam. This soft, malleable material provides a contoured fit and superb comfort while carrying heavy loads. The large adjustable belt strap fastens securely around the waist to provide much needed back support and distribute the weight of the mixer more efficiently. There is also an adjustable back strap to shorten or lengthen the harness depending on the users height. The width of the shoulder straps can also be adjusted and fine tuned to the users torso. The Harness has multiple attachment points, both on the front straps and also on the belt.


Available in small only.  For large and medium see the new AH-3HD


-Thick Memory Foam Padding
-Strong fantastic free dating sites canada and Durable Cordura Fabric
-Multiple Mixer Attachment Points
-Various Adjustment Options
-Light Weight
-Substantial Weight Distribution


    • Weight: 2.70 lb / 1.22 kg


"Portabrace is an essential part of my gear package. Reliable as you can get" -Justin B. Harrison (Sound Mixer)