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  • Peter Krajewski

    “The shoulder case works great and the larger belt pack is also perfect for my needs. Thanks again for all your help in” ...  more
  • Alexander Hölzl

    “We love all of our Portabrace cases- we have over 20 of them! And of course, all of them are Portabrace-Blue.” 
  • Keith Garcia

    “[The New AO] is truly the simplest yet most complete audio bag I have ever used.” 


  • Ps Sierra Ps Peter
  • Ps Alex Ps Alex W
  • Ps Jonathan Ps Sierra

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Portabrace has over 1,000 currently- active items and we’re constantly adding more through new product innovation and updated patterns to fit the latest field audio, video, and photographic equipment. Check back frequently to see the newest items or subscribe to our newsletter (below) for the latest product updates.

  • New LC-C12SET
  • New LC-C12
  • New RS-22OVF
  • NewSAVE
    $ 100
  • NewSAVE
    $ 100
  • New QRS-AGAC8
  • New CAR-AGAC8
  • MO-702