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Field Stories ...the adventures of a Portabrace Case

The professional film and video industry is an exciting and challenging arena in which to make a living. From a news crew on the streets of New York, to a documentary filmmaker deep in the jungles of Asia, to a local wedding videographer in The Netherlands, all of our industry’s professionals spend their lives capturing the stories that inform and inspire us on a daily basis. This collection of stories and images is dedicated to the profession, and to all the storytellers around the world – carry on.

Portabrace in the Air

Shooting from a helicopter

Harrison works as a stringer for five TV stations - one in Boston, MA, one in Hartford, CT, and three in nearby Albany, NY.   He also sells material to CNN, produces local commercials, does industrial and legal work, training videos, and whatever comes along.  One day may find him waling the route of a highway recording phases of construction.  The next day he may be interviewing the family of a local accident victim.

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